Meet the Creator

Heey girl!! I'm Twana, creator of Girl Code: WIN. I'm so happy you're here!
   Twana Creator of Girl Code: WIN
I created Girl Code: WIN with ONE purpose in mind, to help other ladies WIN. For three years I worked full-time as a high school assistant principal while growing my t-shirt boutique.
I've been in your shoes. I started a business without a clue of how to do it successfully. I've grown my instagram page from 0 to over 20K. I've built a tribe of customers who love to support me and tell all of their friends about my brand. My proudest accomplishment was having over $150K in sales in 2020. To kick 2021 off, I had over $35K in sales in January 2021 alone, through Facebook and Google ads, email marketing, and social media. That was more than I made for the entire YEAR of 2019, by the way.
I am now a full-time entrepreneur, running my boutique and Girl Code: WIN and teaching other ladies everything I know about building a successful e-commerce brand.
Twana Creator of Girl Code: WIN
There is A LOT that goes into running an e-commerce business. It can be hard to figure it all out. Luckily for you, I am a researcher and I love to try new things. So, I have done PLENTY of trial and error for you. lol I have a lot of tools in my toolbox, and since I still run an e-commerce store, I continue to look for new tools. I want to share those tools with you.
So, take a look around. Let me know how I can help. And most importantly:
"Let's WIN together!"